Call for Papers


Dear readers,

we would like to present two Call for Papers!

For a special issue, the authors Prof. Dr. Aline Grohe Schirmer Pigatto and Ms. Raquel Tusi Tamiosso welcome contributions referring to DBR/EDR discourses/research/experiences particularly prevalent in Latin America, e.g. by referring to specific theoretical strands. Furthermore, contributions may report experiences in specific contexts, respectively with specific communities. Their call for paper is entitled “Special Issue – Educational Design Research in Latin America” and can be found here:

Special Issue – Educational Design Research in Latin America - the deadline for this call is extended until April 21st!  

The second call is launched by the Design-Based Research Network and edited by Dr. Alexa Brase. This special issue addresses several questions to key challenges and experiences regarding scientificity, cooperation and the transformative nature of DBR that suggest a deeper examination of epistemological as well as ontological foundations. For more information, feel free to follow the link below:

Special Issue – Knowledge by Design in Education: Key challenges and experiences from research practice