Vol. 94 (2021)

The articles assembled in volume 94 of Afrika und Übersee, its second online issue, cover topics ranging from semantics and morphosyntax to quoting standards. Akumbu and Kießling explore the “Literal and metaphorical usages of eat and drink verbs in Babanki”, a Grassfields Bantu language spoken in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. Ibirahim gives a comprehensive overview of “Aspects of Negation in Makaa (A83)”, a Bantu language spoken in the East Region in Cameroon. Meyer and Treis provide a practical guideline for authors and editors on “How to quote Ethiopian authors in linguistic publications”. Two further articles are based on contributions to the “10th Biennal International Colloquium on the Chadic languages (BICCL)” that took place in Hamburg in 2019: Harley discusses “Nominal and verbal plurality in the Mandara and Ɓata subgroups of Central Chadic” and Roberts presents “Initial findings on the Boor language”, spoken in south-eastern Chad.

Published: 2022-04-04

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