Author guidelines

Afrika und Übersee invites contributions on African languages and their social and historical conditions. We welcome articles from all linguistic research fields. Our special interest is the publication of linguistic primary data and their analysis.

Important information: Submissions that do not meet the author guidelines may be rejected according to the journal's review process.



• Manuscripts can only be submitted via upload on the journal platform.

• Authors must register an individual journal account.

• Authors (including co-authors) of articles accepted for publication are advised to register with ORCID and authenticate their iD on the journal's platform. Detailed information about ORCID and the display of ORCID iDs in the journal can be found here. ORCID authentication is done via a direct link sent to all authors by the journal.

• Articles must fit into one of the journal sections (see journal sections under Submit article).

• The maximum length of articles depends on the section and can be found in the respective description under Submit article. The maximum length of abstracts is limited to 300 words.

• Articles submitted as part of a special issue must be identified as such in the comments to the editor during the submission process.

• All article and author metadata must be entered during the submission process. See mandatory metadata below.

• The articles can be written either in English, French or German. Attention must be paid to correct spelling and grammar.

• A statement of the availability of research data can be included in the submitted manuscript. Ideally, this data should be stored in a publicly accessible repository, citable by its own digital object identifier (DOI). See ethical guidelines of the journal.

• Funding of the research and/or publication and possible conflicts of interest must be disclosed in a statement in the submitted manuscript. This follows the ethical guidelines of the journal.

• The authors are committed to good scientific practice and the ethical guidelines of the journal.

• It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain all necessary copyright permissions for the use of third party materials in their publications.

• Image rights must be obtained for all illustrations within submitted articles. The author(s) assume sole responsibility in the event of any violation of image rights. For article production, all illustrations must be submitted separately.



The journal's formatting guidelines are mandatory for all articles. Only submissions matching these guidelines can be considered for potential review.


Metadata query

The following metadata must be provided during the article submission process.

Article metadata


Titles cannot contain italicized, superscript or subscript components.
Subtitles cannot contain italicized, superscript or subscript components.
Keywords (3-5)
Careful selection significantly increases the findability of articles.
Abstracts must be concise and not exceed a maximum length of 300 words.
References must be entered without any line breaks within a reference, but with a blank line between two references.


Type of the submission. The type is usually "text", but may be "record", "image", or any of the Dublin Core types.
All rights to this submission, including intellectual property rights, copyrights, and proprietary rights, should be indicated.
The source can be an ID such as the DOI of another work that was the basis of this submission.
Disciplines are types of studies or areas of expertise as described by university departments or professional societies.
Supporting institutions may indicate here the source of research funding or other types of support for research.

Author metadata


Full name
The name will be displayed on the journal's website as well as in the article PDF. Please do not enter an academic degree here.
The affiliation is displayed on the journal's website as well as in the article PDFs.
E-mail address
The email address will be used for all correspondence during the review process. The email addresses of all authors is visible to readers of the journal.
Main contact
Indication of corresponding author.


ORCID authentication is done via a direct link sent via email to the author(s). A link to ORCID will be displayed in the form of an ORCID logo next to the author's name on the journal's website as well as on the article PDF.



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