About the journal

Aims and scope

Since 1910, Afrika und Übersee has been one of the most important academic journals for the dissemination of research on African languages and their social and historical contexts. The journal has a broad range of topics that covers the subfields of linguistics and is especially interested in publishing primary linguistic data and the analyses thereof. Afrika und Übersee is the oldest academic journal for African studies worldwide and is published by the Department of African Languages and Ethiopian Studies in the Asien-Afrika-Institut at Universität Hamburg.

Language concept

The journal currently publishes articles in English, French and German. However, the journal's user interface is available only in English. Thus, all metadata of the published articles such as title, abstract and keywords are displayed in English here. In case that an author submits an article in a language other than English, the article metadata must be provided in both languages, the language of the article and the language of the user interface (English).


Afrika und Übersee is published with the support of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung. Mr. Andreas E. Siemers supported the transition of Afrika und Übersee to an online Open Access journal with a generous donation. The editors are free in their editorial decisions.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

This journal is a pure Open Access journal. The journal does not charge neither article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges. For authors, neither the submission nor the publication of articles in the journal incurs any costs.

Re-Launch of the journal in 2021

Afrika und Übersee has been re-launched as an Open Access online journal in 2021 and Volume 93 is the first edition to be published online. As an Open Access online medium, Afrika und Übersee will be better equipped to contribute to knowledge exchange, particularly with colleagues in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Volumes 1-92
Volumes 1-92 from the years 1910-2018 of Afrika und Übersee have been published by Dietrich Reimer Verlag. Single volumes are still available for purchase at the publishing house.

Special issues

The journal publishes special issues on specific topics. Calls for papers for these special issues are announced on the home page and in the journal's announcements. Register with the journal to receive email notifications of future special issues and other announcements.

Publication frequency

The journal publishes one issue per calendar year without a fixed publication date. Since 2021, the average time from submission to publication is 20 weeks. In the period of the open access re-launch, the time varied. Articles belonging to a special issue are published together with the respective special issue.

Print edition

Former as well as current volumes of the journal can also be purchased in print edition from the following sources:


All articles published by the journal are deposited on the archive server of the German National Library (DNB) and referenced in the DNB catalog. Hamburg University Press, the publishing house of the Hamburg State and University Library, holds all published volumes and articles in a sustainable manner.

Additionally, this journal participates in the PKP Preservation Network. This means that all content of the journal is archived within a private LOCKSS network. New content from the journal is automatically harvested. After a "trigger event" - either a clear message from the journal manager or the cessation of deliveries - the content is made available through the OJS instances of one or more LOCKSS partners.
INFO: LOCKSS is an acronym for "Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Save." The LOCKSS initiative is based on the premise that no single institution can provide long-term preservation. Therefore, this project consists of a cooperation of several libraries. The project was initiated and continued by the Stanford University Libraries. The LOCKSS software is open source.

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