Vol. 95 (2022)

Issue 95 of Afrika und Übersee combines five articles and two reviews: Shamsuddeen Bello delves into the analysis of Hausa praise epithets of the kirari genre, providing an in-depth descriptive study of setting, props and poetic elements of Saka Cira, a piece performed by the hunter-performer Ummaru Usman Malalo. A series of photographs by Sani Maikatanga supplements the article.

All other articles focus on phonology: Klaus Beyer and Janika Kunzmann trace labial-velar consonants in Mbum, Adamawa, in support of their reconstruction on Proto-Kebi-Benue level. Ekkehard Wolff traces the internal development of velar nasals and prenasalised obstruents in Chadic and demonstrates that there is no need for their reconstruction at Proto-Chadic level. Christopher Green discusses moraic mismatches in Somali phonology, and Elaine Scherrer provides a first descriptive outline of the phonology of Naba (Central Sudanic).

The volume closes with two reviews: Ludwig Gerhardt on an anthology on minority language research in Nigeria, edited by Roger Blench and Stuart McGill, and Gardy Stein on Ellen Hurst-Harosh’s sociolinguistic study of the South African “stylect” Tsotsitaal.

Published: 2023-03-24

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