Project Description – hermA:
 Automated modelling of hermeneutic processes

  • Uta Gaidys
  • Evelyn Gius
  • Margarete Jarchow
  • Gertraud Koch University Hamburg; Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1 (West); 20146 Hamburg
  • Wolfgang Menzel
  • Dominik Orth
  • Heike Zinsmeister
Schlagworte: Annotation, text analysis, digital humanities, automation, hermeneutics


This article sketches the theoretical and methodological background of the interdisciplinary research project hermA. It assembles five disciplines form three academic institutions in Hamburg, that work collaboratively on medical research questions relating to the usage and application of annotation in hermeneutic text analysis in their specific fields. Their common research interest in hermA based to explore possibilities for the automation of annotations.

Gaidys, U., Gius, E., Jarchow, M., Koch, G., Menzel, W., Orth, D., & Zinsmeister, H. (1). Project Description – hermA:
 Automated modelling of hermeneutic processes. Hamburger Journal für Kulturanthropologie (HJK), (7), 119-123. Abgerufen von