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Vol 18 (2015)

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Table of Contents Editorial Team PDF 3-5

Editorial Alessandro Bausi PDF 5

Bibliographical abbreviations used in this volume Editorial Team PDF 6


De la sainteté de Kaleb Ǝlla Aṣbǝḥa dans l’iconographie baroque portugaise Jean-François Yazdani Faü PDF 7-21

Moving to Map and Mapping to Move: The East Africa Colonial Itineraries of the IGMI Archives and Library as a Special Genre in Cartography Gabriele Ciampi PDF 22-55

Towards a Comprehensive Edition of the Arabic–Ethiopic Glossary of al-Malik al-Afḍal. Part III: New Readings from the Third Sheet Maria Bulakh, Leonid Kogan PDF 56-80

Bibliographie zur äthiosemitischen und kuschitischen Sprachwissenschaft XVIII: 2013 Rainer Voigt PDF 81-84

Proceedings of the ‘18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies: Movements in Ethiopia/Ethiopia in Movement’ Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, October 29–November 2, 2012. Panel on Manuscript Studies Alessandro Bausi, Denis Nosnitsin PDF 85-86

Traditional Medicine and Magic According to Some Ethiopian Manuscripts from European Collections Bogdan Burtea PDF 87-100

The Term ʿālam in 1 Enoch Daniel Assefa PDF 101-108

Ethiopian Manuscripts in the State and Private Collections of St Petersburg: An Overview Ekaterina Gusarova PDF 109-127

Searching for the Appropriate Editorial Technique: The Case of Gädlä Śärṣä Ṗeṭros Susanne Hummel PDF 128-144

Regularity and Uniformity in the Ethiopian Hagiographical Tradition: A Particular Focus on Narrating the Childhood of Saints Mersha Alehegne PDF 145-162

Text Emendations in Ethiopic Manuscript NLM 27 (National Archives and Library Agency, Addis Abeba) Yosef Demissie PDF 163-172


Judith and the Dragon: A Jesuit architectural relief from Gorgora Iyäsus church, 1626–1632 Víctor M. Fernández, Jorge de Torres, Andreu Martinez d'Alòs-Moner, Carlos Cañete, Alessandro Bausi, Gashaw Belay PDF 173-182

Some Notes on Binding Magic (maʾǝsärä ǝgr) in Ethiopia Meley Mulugetta PDF 183-189


Walter W. Müller, Südarabien im Altertum: Kommertierte Bibliographie der Jahre 1997 bis 2011 Alessio Agostini PDF 243-245

Alessia Prioletta, Inscriptions from the Southern Highlands of Yemen: The Epigraphic Collections of the Museums of Baynūn and Dhamār Alessio Agostini PDF 245-248

Jitse H.F. Dijkstra and Greg Fisher, eds, Inside and Out. Interactions between Rome and the Peoples on the Arabian and Egyptian Frontiers in Late Antiquity Alessandro Bausi PDF 248-251

Timothy Power, The Red Sea from Byzantium to the Caliphate, AD 500–1000 Alessandro Bausi PDF 251-254

Curt Niccum, The Bible in Ethiopia: The Book of Acts Michael Knibb PDF 254-256

Tedros Abraha, ed., tr., Gädlä Abunä Yonas Zä-Bur. Eritrean Saint of the 15th Century. Geʿez text edited and translated Alessandro Bausi PDF 257-260

Denis Nosnitsin, ed., Ecclesiastic Landscape of North Ethiopia: Proceedings of the International Workshop Ecclesiastic Landscape of North Ethiopia: History, Change and Cultural Heritage. Hamburg, July 15–16, 2011 Daniel Assefa PDF 260-263

Predrag Bukovec, ed., Christlicher Orient im Porträt – Wissenschaftsgeschichte des Christlichen Orients. Kongreßakten der 1. Tagung der RVO (4. Dezember 2010, Tübingen), I–II Alessandro Bausi PDF 263-266

Fasil Yitbarek, Soaring on Winged Verse: The Life of Ethiopian Poet-Playwright Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin Magdalena Krzyzanowska PDF 266-269

Literatura na świecie 7–8, (2014) Miloslawa D. Stepien PDF 269-272

Abbas H. Gnamo, Conquest and Resistance in the Ethiopian Empire, 1880–1974: The Case of the Arsi Oromo Felix Girke PDF 272-276

Éloi Ficquet and Wolbert G.C. Smidt, eds, The Life and Times of Lïj Iyasu of Ethiopia: New Insights Stéphane Ancel PDF 276-278

‘L’Ascension du Ras Tafari & la Naissance de l’Éthiopie Moderne (1916–1930)’, Pount Hanna Rubinkowska-Anioł PDF 279-281

Bahru Zewde, The Quest for Socialist Utopia: The Ethiopian Student Movement c.1960–1974 Bairu Tafla PDF 281-283

Serge Dewel, Mouvement charismatique & pentecôtisme en Éthiopie: Identité & religion Stéphane Ancel PDF 283-284

Awet Tewelde Weldemichael, Third World Colonialism and Strategies of Liberation: Eritrea and East Timor Compared Alexander Meckelburg PDF 284-285

Ulrich Braukämper, Fandaanano: The Traditional Socio-Religious System of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia Jon Abbink PDF 286-289

Jon Abbink, Michael Bryant and Daniel Bambu, Suri Orature: Introduction to the Society, Language and Oral Culture of the Suri People (Southwest Ethiopia) Jean Lydall PDF 289-291

Susanne Epple, ed., Creating and Crossing Boundaries in Ethiopia: Dynamics of Social Categorization and Differentiation Ulrich Braukämper PDF 291-295

Shauna LaTosky, Predicaments of Mursi (Mun) Women in Ethiopia’s Changing World Angela M. Müller PDF 295-297

Grover Hudson, Northeast African Semitic: Lexical Comparisons and Analysis Alessandro Bausi PDF 297-299

Ronny Meyer, Yvonne Treis, and Azeb Amha, eds, Explorations in Ethiopian Linguistics: Complex Predicates, Finiteness and Interrogativity Olga Kapeliuk PDF 300-305

Melkamu Duresso, Wörterbuch Oromo–Deutsch/Deutsch–Oromo Catherine Griefenow-Mewis PDF 305-309

Mussie Tesfagiorgis G., Eritrea and Paulos Milkias, Ethiopia Magdalena Krzyzanowska PDF 309-310