FOOD RELATED: An Artistic Approach Towards Knowledge Sharing


  • Rosanne van Klaveren


Art, Circumpolar Cultures, Indigenous Knowledge, Food, Food Culture, Media


Artistic participatory practices can establish connections between people(s) that are valuable for the sharing of knowledge. In this article, I explain from my research practice how an artistic approach can stimulate, structure and enrich knowledge sharing. During my doctoral research at KU Leuven in Belgium, a prototype of an expressive space was designed to collect, map and exchange facts and experiences related to Arctic food culture: the Food Related platform. Decisions that I made and strategies that I used during this project are reviewed while focusing on two topics: 1) food as a subject and stimulus for sharing, 2) the use of creative questionnaires and cultural probes as a method to include imagination. Empirical findings give insight in my experiences and approaches as an artist, which I believe can be inspirational for knowledge sharing projects beyond the field of art.





van Klaveren, R. (2015). FOOD RELATED: An Artistic Approach Towards Knowledge Sharing. Ethnoscripts, 17(1). Abgerufen von