• Call for Guest-Editorship - Ethnoscripts 2024 Special Issue


    Ethnoscripts is the peer-reviewed and fully open-access online anthropological journal edited by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Hamburg and published through Hamburg University Press (HUP).[1] Since its foundation in 1999 the journal has been regularly publishing in-depth analyses and first-hand ethnographic studies on numerous subjects of contemporary anthropology.[2]

    Starting with 2020, Ethnoscripts publishes one special issue per year, devoted to a specific theme of current relevance.[3]

    Ethnoscripts is seeking proposals for guest-editorship of the 2024 special issue.

    We invite single editors or groups of academic authors to suggest and edit a thematic special issue on a topic of relevance to contemporary anthropology and human social life – preferably on a subject that Ethnoscripts has not addressed in recent years. Ethnoscripts offers the possibility to use and embed additional materials for the representation of research such as photos, sound and video.

    A thematic special issue consists of at least 5 and max. 10 articles, plus an editorial introduction of about 6000 words. Individual research articles should be 8000 words in length.

    Proposals should be sent to the Journal Editors by 15 October 2023.

    Proposals should include the name/s, contact details and position/s of the guest editor/s and all author/s. The proposed title and a 750-word abstract outlining the thematic focus of the issue, titles and 200-word abstracts for all individual contributions should also be included.  

    If you need further information, please contact:

    Mijal Gandelsman-Trier  -

    Dr. Michael Pröpper - - 0049-40-428383850





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