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    Call for Special Issue Contributions

    Ethnoscripts is the peer-reviewed Anthropological Journal edited by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Hamburg/Germany. Since its foundation in 1999 the journal has published analyses and information on all subjects of contemporary anthropology biannually.

     A peculiarity of Ethnoscripts is the fact that for each edition we choose a special thematic focus. Starting with the edition 16(1) in 2014 Ethnoscripts has appeared fully open access online through Hamburg University Press.

    With the shift to online editing Ethnoscripts offers the possibility to also use and embed additional materials for the representation of research such as photos, sound and video.

    For upcoming editions Ethnoscripts calls for creative thematic contributions on all subjects of interest to contemporary anthropology. We invite single editors or groups of academic authors to suggest and edit thematic special issues – preferably on subjects that Ethnoscripts has not touched in recent years.

    If you are interested in contributing or need any further information please contact:

    Mijal Gandelsman-Trier

    Dr. Michael Pröpper

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