On the relation of coloniality and masculinities in Namibia


  • Camilo Angola


black masculinity, body-type, coloniality, gender critic


The following is an essay that offers a critical view on the dominant gender studies’ concepts and utilizes theory from black and black masculinities studies in conjunction with the implications from the coloniality of power. The text will later touch on different aspects of black male experiences and organizational traits of Namibian masculine organization. Taking into consideration the immense transformations that were provoked by colonial occupation in the area of sexuality and identity, I intend a holistic approach that combines a critical view on capitalism and modernity under the light of the different dimensions of coloniality. As a contrast, ancestral Afrikan cornerstones are thematized as political points of articulation on which Afrikan masculinities and body-type in general can be renewed upon.





Angola, C. (2020). On the relation of coloniality and masculinities in Namibia. Ethnoscripts, 22(1). Abgerufen von https://journals.sub.uni-hamburg.de/ethnoscripts/article/view/1569