Editorial: An anthropological encounter with post-colonial realities in Namibia?


  • Paula Alexiou
  • Camilo Angola
  • Malin Freytag
  • Moritz Gemmeke
  • Tilman Gorenflo
  • Hannah Siegert
  • Michael Pröpper University of Hamburg


Namibia, anthropology, post-colonialism, decolonization, coloniality, history, tourism, Pentecostalism, gender, art


This article offers an overview of the research undertaken in Namibia in 2019 by a group of emerging academics studying at Hamburg Germany to shape the core of this volume. We aim to tackle the challenging question of the speaker position within a field of discourse around post-colonialism from which our group can legitimately speak, and sketch the necessities for and challenges facing a decolonization of language, action and research. It is impossible with a small – though sensitive and ambitious – group of upcoming anthropologists to do more than scratch the surface of a problem that is so big and multidimensional. So, in this volume we present partial glimpses of our encounter with post-colonial realities in Namibia, and do not claim to be able to paint more than a rough picture. Here we have chosen to present our projects within a broader description of the current Namibian condition including aspects of history, sociality, politics, economics and ecology, religion, gender, identity and art. Such a contextualized depiction, we hope, will offer the reader a more comprehensive picture with which to understand our contributions.





Alexiou, P., Angola, C., Freytag, M., Gemmeke, M., Gorenflo, T., Siegert, H., & Pröpper, M. (2020). Editorial: An anthropological encounter with post-colonial realities in Namibia?. Ethnoscripts, 22(1). Abgerufen von https://journals.sub.uni-hamburg.de/ethnoscripts/article/view/1564