Issue Title
Vol 42, No 2 (2013): Preserving Stability: Process, Dimensions and Ideological Exercise Rising Central Spending on Public Security and the Dilemma Facing Grassroots Officials in China Abstract PDF (English)
Yue Xie
Vol 44, No 1 (2015): The Chinese Presence in Africa: A Learning Process Running Out of Time? The Evolution of Taiwan’s Relations in Africa Abstract PDF (English)
Timothy Steven Rich, Vasabjit Banerjee
Vol 41, No 4 (2012): The Politics of Ethnicity in China Seeing Like a Minority: Political Tourism and the Struggle for Recognition in China Abstract PDF (English)
Uradyn E. Bulag
Vol 39, No 4 (2010) Sex, City, and the Maid: Between Socialist Fantasies and Neoliberal Parables Abstract PDF (English)
Wanning Sun
Vol 47, No 1 (2018) Sex-Disaggregated Employment and Public Spending in China Abstract PDF (English)
Tabitha Knight
Vol 39, No 4 (2010) Shanghai Alleys, Theatrical Practice, and Cinematic Spectatorship: From Street Angel (1937) to Fifth Generation Film Abstract PDF (English)
Alexander Des Forges
Vol 43, No 2 (2014): The Entanglement between Science and Politics Shifting Ideologics of Research Funding: The CPC’s National Planning Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences Abstract PDF (English)
Heike Holbig
Vol 43, No 1 (2014): Understanding Chinese–African Interactions in Africa Significant Others: Security and Suspicion in Chinese–Angolan Encounters Abstract PDF (English)
Cheryl Mei-ting Schmitz
Vol 39, No 1 (2010): Cross-Strait Integration – A New Research Focus in the Taiwan Studies Field Signs of Change? An Analysis of Taiwan’s December 2009 Local Elections Abstract PDF (English)
Stefan Braig
Vol 43, No 1 (2014): Understanding Chinese–African Interactions in Africa Sino-African Encounters in Ghana and Nigeria: From Conflict to Conviviality and Mutual Benefit Abstract PDF (English)
Ben Lampert, Giles Mohan
Vol 45, No 3 (2016): Non-Traditional Security in Sino–Indian Relations Sino–Indian Economic Ties since 1988: Progress, Problems, and Prospects for Future Development Abstract PDF (English)
Jingdong Yuan
Vol 40, No 2 (2011): The State and Religion in China: Buddhism, Christianity, and the Catholic Church Social Capital and Rural Grassroots Governance in China Abstract PDF (English)
Min Xia
Vol 38, No 4 (2009): Transforming Rural China: Beyond the Urban Bias? Social Security for China’s Migrant Workers – Providing for Old Age Abstract PDF (English)
Andrew Watson
Vol 44, No 2 (2015): Stability Maintenance and Chinese Media Stability Maintenance and Chinese Media: Beyond Political Communication? Abstract PDF (English)
Jonathan Hassid, Wanning Sun
Vol 40, No 3 (2011): Environmental Governance in China: New Developments and Perspectives Streamlining Local Behaviour Through Communication, Incentives and Control: A Case Study of Local Environmental Policies in China Abstract PDF (English)
Thomas Heberer, Anja Senz
Vol 40, No 3 (2011): Environmental Governance in China: New Developments and Perspectives Structures and Logic of EP Implementation and Administration in China Abstract PDF (English)
Dieter Grunow
Vol 46, No 2 (2017) Student-to-Student Diplomacy: Chinese International Students as a Soft-Power Tool Abstract PDF (English)
Ane Bislev
Vol 43, No 4 (2014): Corporate Social Responsibility: Global Norms and Chinese Forms Successes and Failures of Corporate Social Responsibility Mechanisms in Chinese Extractive Industries Abstract PDF (English)
May Tan-Mullins
Vol 43, No 1 (2014): Understanding Chinese–African Interactions in Africa Survey of Experts on Climate Change Awareness and Public Participation in China Abstract PDF (English)
Berthold Kuhn, Yangyong Zhang
Vol 46, No 2 (2017) Tackling Chinese Upgrading Through Experimentalism and Pragmatism: The Case of China’s Wind Turbine Industry Abstract PDF (English)
Julia Kirch Kirkegaard
Vol 39, No 2 (2010) Taiwan’s Democracy: Towards a Liberal Democracy or Authoritarianism? Abstract PDF (English)
Dafydd J. Fell
Vol 40, No 1 (2011): “Whither Taiwanization?” Taiwan’s Ethnicities and their Representation on the Internet Abstract PDF (English)
Jens Damm
Vol 46, No 1 (2017): Assessing the Administration of President Ma Ying-jeou Taiwan’s Millennial Generation: Interests in Polity and Party Politics Abstract PDF (English)
Ryan Brading
Vol 43, No 3 (2014): Continuity and Change in Policies in Taiwan Taiwan’s Soft Power and Public Diplomacy Abstract PDF (English)
Gary D. Rawnsley
Vol 44, No 4 (2015): Foreign Lives in a Globalising City: Africans in Guangzhou Ten Years After – A Personal Note Abstract PDF (English)
Karsten Giese
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